Building your own Q car

In the world of performance motoring there are any number of options if you want an off the shelf fast car, something that will decimate whether it is from the lights or on the track. Most major manufacturers have specific performance lines such as Audi’s RS and BMW’s M division that provide performance orientated versions of standard cars. The problem with this option though is that people demand an aesthetic upgrade to distinguish their performance orientated car from lesser cars in the range. This aesthetic upgrade means that anyone with even a basic knowledge of cars knows exactly what it is and generally form a judgement based on this. The art of putting a wolfs heart in sheep’s clothing is a dying one,  current performance models simply do not carry the subtlety of previous Q cars such as the legendary Lotus Carlton and the far more subtle early iterations of Audi’s RS models such as the legendary RS2.

Looking After Your Car in London

Taking pride in the appearance and maintenance of your car is a fun experience for many of us. Even though driving your car throughout London is by no means an easy feat with the congestion (not to mention the prices of petrol), it should still give you a source of pleasure. A smooth running, well looked after car will no doubt turn heads. If you put the time and effort in then you will achieve a car that will make you proud.

Four Best Cars Launched In 2013

Go back a few years and every car boasted about economizing and MPG. But this year the whole automobile sector has focused on designs, details and fuel efficiency. Sportiness is back to the main stage and there is a fierce competition among the top guns in this segment. If you are planning to buy a car, here are a few suggestions which may come handy. This car selection is based on their performance, safety, road tests and reliability.