Hatchbacks: The Hot Ones

In the current market conditions and traffic woes, owning big sedans and SUVs and luxury cars is not always a good idea. Plus if you are staying in a busy, crowded city like London, then adding the parking issues as well,

How to maintain your car from home

Your car needs some maintenance from time to time. It is not all times that you shall need the services of a mechanic; you can do it from your home. Here is what you can do from the comfort of your home and it shall cost you nothing.

Performing weekly checks:
Always check that the oil level is at good point. Set the engine off and use a clean and dry dipstick to measure the level. Note the marks that mean your level is good and the ones that need you add the oil.

Drive a Low Rider

Cars are more than just transport vehicles, they define style quotient for many. With that approach most people choose to customize their cars to meet their style and to make them look unique. While most custom cars undergo a lot of work on interiors to look stylish and on engines to boost the performance, there other band of cars that get customization not to drive faster but lower on roads. These are call the low riders as the suspension is lowered dramatically to make them look they are touching the ground. The purpose is to make cars look more sleek and sexy with a flashy coat of vibrant paints.