Pass First Time: A Guide for Driving Test Success

It can be a daunting task learning to drive. The roads can be a scary place and it can be nerve-wrecking to find yourself making the change from being a pedestrian to driver. I recently learned to drive in the Leicester area

My Eyesight is Failing. Am I Fit to Drive


A good driver is one whose eyesight is up to date; proper eyesight is therefore a prerequisite of safe driving; it's never good driving unless it's safe. Depending on what the reason for your eyesight is, you may seek medical surgery, wear glasses or put on contact lenses to enable you to be fit for driving. Is your eyesight problem progressive? If so, then you'll need regular check-ups by a qualified optician who'll treat and advise on which corrective measures you could adopt so as to allow you to go on driving.

Car Travel With Young Children

A car journey with young children may be a light experience but a hectic encounter if one does not possess the UK passport renewal knowledge. You can however make it a walk in the park by preparing,