Your Pride & Joy Should Stay That Way: Car Maintenance Tips For The City

Driving in London is notoriously a nightmare. Congestion charges aside, there are bicycles, confusing traffic signals, tourist drivers, and a densely populated space to contend with. Even if you’ve invested in a car you can be proud of, there is always the risk that it will be damaged or scraped or even that you simply won’t be able to find the time to give it the love and attention it deserved. Here are three ways you can take care of your car without it taking care of all your time.

1. Mobile Body Shop

If your car has been bumped or scraped, you’ll want to get it sorted out as soon as possible. You might be tied up in the office, but there are mobile body shops who will come to you and work on your car so that it’s ready and back in perfect condition by the time you are ready to drive home. SmartWay London ( has a fully equipped Mobile Mercedes Worksop along with the latest colour matching technology to ensure a great finish at a fraction of the cost of a geographically dependent shop. Using a mobile service means you can have any issues dealt with straight away, preventing an escalation of the damage.  

2. Mobile Valet Service

Even if you’ve kept your car out of scrapes, it will still be in need af a little TLC from time to time. Traditionally men would be out cleaning the car on a Sunday but many of us simply don’t have the time to dedicate to polishing every week. Furthermore, professional valet equipment achieves such a better finish that it would be foolish not to take advantage of it. Firms like Empre Valet Service ( will come to you, at home or at the office. London is a grimy city, if you’re on the way to pick up a client, you don’t want that dirt to be reflected on your vehicle: after all, first impressions count.

3. Keep It Covered

If an office provides a parking permit, presumably it is for a covered car park, however we don’t all possess such luxuries. Keeping your car covered will help to protect it from the elements and from vandals. Perhaps there is not adequate parking at home either? Have a look at Park At My House ( to see if there is a parking solution perfect for your car. Many of the options are in covered spaces. You can always try a car tarpaulin for keeping your car protected both inside and outside of the garage.


A car can be a wonderful feat of engineering. They don’t only get us from A to B, they are products of our lifestyles. Our lifestyles are busy but other people have stepped in to help us to protect our vehicles from all of the perils of city living. We’re lucky and we like it like that.