Hatchbacks: The Hot Ones

In the current market conditions and traffic woes, owning big sedans and SUVs and luxury cars is not always a good idea. Plus if you are staying in a busy, crowded city like London, then adding the parking issues as well, hatchbacks seem like the perfect option to own a car which is small, cheap, yet loaded with features and comfortable to travel in. Plus nowadays the hatchbacks entering the market do have quite a bit of luxury in them too. So you surely won't be missing much for sure. So the following are 5 hatchbacks to look out for in London city.

Ford Focus Hatchback: This car seems to be an effort by Ford to enter the hatchback market again after a fairly successful run in the sedan market with its Fiesta range of cars. The Focus does not disappoint much in that case with a sturdy frame and power under the hood. It surely is not the best car around, but not a bad choice either. It has a lot of features that are unique to it which you won't find in any other car.

Fiat 500 Hatchback: With a single box body, this car looks quite quirky and more of a chic car. It is really small and cheap but what it lacks in power is what it covers in the looks. It's a good car to have around. It is pretty safe and cute looking. Not much of fun to drive, but anyone looking for a cheap and practical car, then this is the one to go for.

Hyundai i10 Hatchback: If you want a car that is cheap, fun to drive and also much less fuel guzzler, then you got yourself one heck of a deal. The Hyundai i10 is like a tailor made car for you. It is cheap, lots of power, fun to drive and manoeuvrable in the city with ease and has a very nice fuel efficiency. So anyone on a very tight budget can also opt for this one.

Nissan Leaf Hatchback: The only electric car in the list, this car is spacious, comfortable and really fun to drive. A perfect car for a family with ample of cabin space and a big enough boot as well. The only problem with this one is the charging and the limited distance it can run, but if you are fine with that then it just cannot get better than this.

Volkswagen Up Hatchback: This might be a very good option for those who like cars where looks meet performance. A nice and zippy car with a good engine under the hood which is very efficient, couples with many packed features. It is a bit costly compared to its rivals, but if you do not mind shelling out some extra cash, then you have got yourself a real eye turner.

The above mentioned five hatchbacks are really on the top in their class and have emerged as real winners in the huge competitive market. It is not really that easy to make a winner, but these cars have really turned out to be that awesome that it will surely make your heads turn in awe with its beauty. When these cars go around even in the busy city of London, you sure won't be able to resist looking at it one more time.