What You Should Know When Buying Your First Car

Buying a first car can be a really tricky thing to do – as well as incredibly exciting. You’ve just passed your test, or your test is nearing, you’re certain you’re going to pass so all you need to do now is buy a car, give it a name, and hit the road. It’s not, unfortunately, as simple as this. Sure, you can plump for the first car you see, but what if it has loads of hidden dangers … and costs. No, it’s best that you take your time and do you research first.


Remember, you have to think carefully when buying a second hand car – which is what I’d recommend as new cars are really expensive – as you need to be thinking in terms of the long run because your first car will last you, at best, about 2 to 3 years. They’re great to get into scrapes with and near misses, but once you settle into driving life a bit more, you are going to want something a bit nicer. This is why you are going to want to sell your car, so make wise decisions. Let me explain over the course of the article.

Make, Model, Colour?

This is important as you might want a great big yellow monstrosity with pink flowers on it. Yes, that works for you, but good luck trying to sell it again … no one is going to want it, let alone pay money for it.

When it comes to model, you might be good going for a relatively popular model because they’re in demand, there are quite a lot of them on the second hand market and so they are usually cheaper. Ones to look out for are Fiat 500s, VW Polos, and Ford Fiestas. Also, you can’t go wrong with a Peugeot 106.

I’d also like to mention the difference between petrol and diesel. If you’re going to be nipping around town and seeing friends etc, then it would probably make sense to get a petrol car, however if you are going to be embarking on many long distance journeys, diesel might be the one for you.

Once You’ve Got the Car

The big bad wolf: insurance. When you’re 18 and have just passed your test, the price of insurance is extortionate. You need to really, really shop around to try and find the best deal. Here’s a checklist of the things that effect insurance the most:

· Driving Record (any accidents, etc)

· Model of Car

· Mileage

· Age of the Driver and the Car

· Where in the country you are (Birmingham is more expensive than Devon, for example).


If you’re worried, talk to people. There are many people who will know all about cars and all about the second hand car market. You can talk to a parent, a car dealer; even look online for forums and blogs that deal with this type of thing. The trick is not to worry about it, just enjoy the ride.