Drive a Low Rider

Cars are more than just transport vehicles, they define style quotient for many. With that approach most people choose to customize their cars to meet their style and to make them look unique. While most custom cars undergo a lot of work on interiors to look stylish and on engines to boost the performance, there other band of cars that get customization not to drive faster but lower on roads. These are call the low riders as the suspension is lowered dramatically to make them look they are touching the ground. The purpose is to make cars look more sleek and sexy with a flashy coat of vibrant paints.

Low riders have been popular since many years and ruling the roads with style. Chevrolet cars became more favourable for customizing them to low riders because of the cost. These cars were more affordable and the lowest in the USA but is also the look and built of these cars that were more ideal for a low rider. It was the 1939 Chevrolet car that first stole the honour of getting a low ride feature due its sloping rear end.

Mercury Eight also became a popular low rider car due to its large wheel base that extends from front fender of the car to the doors. This was a sleekest car and suited well to convert it into a low rider. The car also had spacious and luxurious interiors which were also important and essential criteria for low riders back in 70's.

The car that real stole the entire show and still the best when it comes to considering low rider in the USA is the Chevrolet Impala. This long bodied car boasts features that compliment well with customizing it to be a low rider. This car is rugged and the sleekest car ever and is used for car dancing where the hydraulics are designed to make the car hop and jump off the ground. This car became so popular that it is still considered the best for low ride customization.

Another car that became a tough competitor for Impala was Buick Riviera which is boasts long and wide body too. This is also the lighter Buick that made easy for customizing the suspensions. It was launched as a luxury car and hence comes with luxurious interiors which are why this is a perfect match for a low rider. Due to its luxury there is not much interior work required except for changing the body paint with colourful themes. It has a sleek rear end that looks more appealing when it is lowered.

Chevrolet gave another car that became popular among low riders and this time it is the Monte Carlo. This car features more integrated bumpers that was perfect for low riders to make it look like it was carved out of a single metal piece.

These five cars were customized with posh interiors, shining designer wheels, satin finish paints and deafening audio systems that made these cars dance in style. All low riders come with an option to heighten the suspension with help of hydraulics when needed while cruising.