Securing your car showroom

If you own or run a car showroom then you will undoubtedly want to ensure that you have taken all of the essential steps in order to ensure that it is as secure as possible overnight. The fact that cars are very high value mobile items makes them a prime target for thieves. Cars are also seen as an easy target for vandals that can cause thousands of pounds of damage when the dealership is closed. The fact remains though that people finish work at strange times, and often browse the forecourt of dealerships after they are closed for the night in order to see the cars that are on offer. This late night potential custom should not be passed up, and you will doubtlessly want to keep your cars on display overnight. This presents an interesting equation for security. There are three steps that all dealerships should take in order to ensure that their cars are kept safe overnight.

Bollards are a great obstacle that can completely put the kybosh on any potential thief and make sure that, even if they could get into a car, they could not drive it away from the garage. Most dealerships implement bollards all around the building, with pull-up bollards on the entrance/exits that are raised at night. If you are looking to provide this great physical barrier to thieves then why not visit to see the selection of bollards that can ensure your dealerships security.

If you have an indoor showroom that you want to remain on display throughout the night, then you are presented with a difficult problem as you will doubtless want to protect the windows whilst keeping them easy to see through. Thankfully, there are now several options of window shutters available that are easily seen through that still provide a great barrier to stop any potential thieves gaining access. If you are interested in protecting your showroom then visit and see exactly what options are available to you.

A great step to deter vandals is to install a CCTV system around the forecourt. CCTV serves a dual purpose as a security device and is a great investment. Firstly the sight of a CCTV camera or signs advertising CCTV is more than enough to deter most potential thieves or vandals. Should they be determined enough to continue then the CCTV will catch them in the act and the authorities will find it far easier to catch them. If you feel that your forecourt would be more secure with a CCTV system then visit for a great range of systems.

So if you want to ensure that your cars do not fall victim to those with sinister intentions, then implementing the above steps is sure to help you rest a little easier knowing that everything is secure.