Get Your 4x4 Ready for Winter

Winter is on its way and there is no way to avoid it. Winter can be troublesome for all types of vehicles, even your trusty 4x4. It is imperative that when temperatures begin to fall you that your car is ready for it. Every year when motorists are faced with snow or ice they also encounter cars that won’t start or frozen locks. So here is how you should ensure that your 4x4 vehicle is ready for the winter season.

4x4 systems can be quite complex depending on what model you have, but it is important to know how your system works. Always keep your user manual handy, you’ll be unable to remember all the information so referring back to the manual for correct tyre pressures, jump lead connection points and other technicalities. Ensure that you change the tyres for winter tyres, weather is unpredictable you never know for sure when snow will fall or the roads will be icy. You can purchase a range of specialist winter tyres from the likes of e-tyres who are dedicated to providing high quality tyres for motorists. Tread depth and tyre pressures need to be checked regularly throughout the year, but during the colder months it is all the more important.

Unfortunately the most occurrences of car failure happen in winter, so if you notice something that could develop into a problem now, it is a great idea to ensure that you replace the problematic parts before it prevents you from making a journey. You can find an array of spare parts for an array of 4x4 vehicles such as the Land Rover Discovery from CWS 4x4 a company who are dedicated to providing spare parts for 4x4 cars. Remember to check anti-freeze levels and if your battery has shown any reliability problems in the past few months, you need to replace it with a new one or there is a risk that your vehicle may not be able start.

Finally you need to keep in mind, that any vehicle is the responsibility of the driver, so you must understand your vehicle; its limitations, driving capabilities and what conditions it can handle. If you do find any faults you need to report them immediately, do not drive the car if you are in doubt about its safety. You shouldn’t fear winter driving but you should be aware of the dangers and ensure that your car is winter ready.