How to maintain your car from home

Your car needs some maintenance from time to time. It is not all times that you shall need the services of a mechanic; you can do it from your home. Here is what you can do from the comfort of your home and it shall cost you nothing.

Performing weekly checks:
Always check that the oil level is at good point. Set the engine off and use a clean and dry dipstick to measure the level. Note the marks that mean your level is good and the ones that need you add the oil.

When checking the oil level, it is also advisable to check the level of your transmission fluid. The only difference here is that the engine should be running. If you find that you require some addition, do it cautiously to avoid any spillage.

Brake fluid is another aspect that needs your weekly attention. Some cars allow you through a transparent reservoir to see the level of the brake fluid. Add the fluid as the brakes become worn but if the level drops very soon, take it to an expert.

The top of your car battery should be dry and very tight. Ensure that no moisture reaches the top part and the terminals are tight enough.

To check the coolant level, do not open the radiator but instead observe the level in the reserve tank. In case of any additions, do it while the engine is off.

Your windshield washing fluid is something that needs a regular refill. You need your car to be clean at the front always. You may dilute the fluid to desired concentration but during the winter you need it fully concentrated.

Have a look at your windshield wiping blades. You do not want them to fail at the time you need them most; during a heavy downpour.

Before every trip you make, always check your tire pressure. You can use the car manual to guide you on the desirable levels of your tire pressure. Before you start driving is the best time since the cold temperatures ensure that there is no expansion to trick you.

How to go about maintaining your car from home without any risks
Before you can be able to maintain your car from home, ensure the following:

-ask you preferred mechanic on how to do daily and weekly checks on your car while at home
-seek information on how to change tires just in case you need to do it at home
-when dealing with the various fluids of your car, ensure that they are the recommended ones to avoid destroying you engine and other parts by using wrong products.

All these and other tips from car owners and your mechanic shall not only save you money but also time. Master the skills you need to maintain your car without having to call for help of anyone else. You need also to leave the hard and technical operations to the experts. Maintain your car from home and have a comfortable ride.